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You can find out the latest information on COVID-19 from the CDC by clicking this link.


You can read the latest Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 Daily Status Report by clicking on this link.  This is updated daily at 7pm


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  • COVID-19 Related Posts

    • Dooly Update

      I want you all to hear from me because yes, there is a sudden surge of activity within our area and surrounding areas. We have tested many this week and have a lot of exposures to positive cases. I will update you all tomorrow on numbers and what is going……

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    • June 16th Update

      Good Evening, I want to explain why the numbers for Dooly County are going up and down and up again. I have been in a little war with a neighboring county. All friendly, I promise. I am trying to make sure our numbers reflect what is truly in Dooly County.……

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    • June 11th Update

      Good Evening, Dooly Total Numbers Are:  189 Total Deaths:  12 This will most likely be my last update for a while. We will continue to see our numbers rise because COVID 19 has not went away BUT it has steadied greatly. We do have an outbreak at the Dooly County……

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    • June 8th Update

      Hi Everyone, I will be in the office for only a few hours for the next few days. I am traveling around training our staff on the new system we are using for testing. The system will help us so much when we go live. It allows the clients to……

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    • June 4th Update

      Good Evening, Dooly Total Positives:  181 Dooly Total Deaths: 12 Total pending results: 44 We had a very successful traveling clinic for the past 2 days. We tested a total of 44 people in Byromville and Unadilla. Tomorrow we will not be testing due to weather. Next week will just……

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    • June 2nd Update

      Good Afternoon, Dooly Numbers: Dooly Positives:  180 Dooly Death Total:  12 Number of total tests performed by YOUR Dooly Co. HD:  494 Pending Results: 20 I hope you all have had a wonderful day!  First, I would like to remind everyone that we will be at the Byromville Baptist Church……

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    • May 27th Update

      Good Evening, I just wanted to give you all a quick update on testing in Dooly and give a warning. We are seeing a little rise in cases and I am afraid it’s due to people thinking this virus is gone. It is not. If people choose to ignore what……

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    • May 26th Update

      Good Evening, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Here are the numbers for Dooly County and I’m adding a few more things so you all can see a little more into my world….. Total Positives for Dooly County:  168 Total Deaths: 12 Total Tested Today:……

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    • May 19th Update

      Good Evening, Dooly Total Positives:  159 Holding steady.. Total Deaths: 12 Pending test results: 74 We had a great turn out today at our drive thru testing site. We would like to thank the Dooly County High School for allowing us to have it there again. They always take good……

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    • May 18th Update

      Good Afternoon, Dooly Total Positives: 159 (Still 3 duplicates) Total Deaths: 12 Total Pending: 4 All results have came back from last week’s testing. We only had 4 total positives out of all the test performed. That’s a sharp decline compared to the weeks before. We are still receiving positives……

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