Updates to Return to work and school guidances, healthcare guidance, Isolation, and quarantine/contact guidances

Please find attached all final updated documents with the new CDC guidance incorporated.

Attached are the updated guidances for:

  • Healthcare Provider Return to Work after COVID-19 exposure or illness
  • Non-HCP Return to Work after COVID-19 exposure or illness
  • Return to School after COVID-19 exposure or illness
  • Isolation guidance
  • Contact/quarantine guidance
  • Healthcare guidance


All of these are being sent to communications now for updates on the website (but for the moment, all links will be old guidances until communications updates the website, which should be today).


These have primarily been updated to include CDC’s new guidances on 20 days of isolation for people critically ill or who are severely immunocompromised. We have included CDC’s definitions of these categories in the footnotes of most and have corrected old DPH links that have since been updated. If you notice an issue, please let me know.







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