June 4th Update

Good Evening,

Dooly Total Positives:  181
Dooly Total Deaths: 12
Total pending results: 44

We had a very successful traveling clinic for the past 2 days. We tested a total of 44 people in Byromville and Unadilla. Tomorrow we will not be testing due to weather. Next week will just be taken day by day due to the uncertainty of the weather. I will inform everyone as much as possible so everyone will know when we will be testing. I will be helping Columbus (our district office) this weekend so I probably will not update during the weekend unless I need to.
We would like to thank the city of Byromville and Byromville Baptist Church for allowing us to have a testing site for the people of Byromville. We would also like to thank Mayor Myron Mixon and the city of Unadilla for allowing us to have a testing site for the people of Unadilla. We are open to more suggestions if anyone would like for us to come and test in a certain area. Please just email me or call our office and we will try to work something out. The Drayton area has expressed interest in us coming and testing in their area. We will be watching the weather to pick a good day for that. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to be tested if they would like to so please let us know of any places you would like to see us go to.
As far as what I’m seeing this week; I’m seeing people shocked over being exposed and not knowing what to do. I’m not shocked. I know COVID-19 is still out there and just because things have relaxed within our community doesn’t mean we should relax with the precautions. We should be following all precautionary guidelines and making sure if we are exposed we have done everything we can not to get COVID-19. WEAR A MASK, STAND 6FT AWAY, WASH YOUR HANDS, STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK, AND DON’T GO ANYWHERE IF YOU HAVE TESTED POSITIVE OR HAVE BEEN TESTED FOR COVID 19. If you have been exposed to someone and get tested right away….YOU STILL HAVE TO STAY QUARANTINED FOR A TOTAL OF 14 DAYS. You could always develop symptoms and/or convert to a positive in that 14 day period. This is the most difficult thing for a lot of people to understand. I have been on the phone with physician’s offices and many other places this week. There is a lot of misinformation out there and that causes a lot of confusion. The guidance we have shared is what everyone should be going by. I have attached the guidance so you will have it.
Hope you all have a great night.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and God Bless,

Cyndi Mercer, RN, PHN

County Nurse Manager

Dooly County Health Department

204 West Union Street

Vienna, Ga. 31092




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