April 22nd Update

Good Afternoon,

We only had 1 new positive today! We did some mass testing so we will see results from that and of course, our numbers will grow due to that. I am seeing a slow down in positives from within the community. We are also seeing a good bit of recovery also. At this time, I can not give you numbers on recovery. I just don’t have the man power for that. That will come later. Please don’t take this hope and forget how we got here. We still have to be very vigilant with our efforts to keep this trend going.  I wanted to share some good news tonight because I feel like we could all use some. There are still areas of concern within our community. There’s potential for more outbreaks to occur in congregate areas but we are trying to work on that and stay ahead of it.  We are by no means, “out of the woods.” But…for tonight, we will have good news.
Everyone please watch for weather updates on tomorrow’s weather forecast. We do have another nasty system coming through and because of that, we will not be able to test tomorrow. Please stay safe.
We would like to thank Mr. Al Willis (Dooly Board Of Health) and Mrs. Leelee Phinney (The Gateway Center) for our delicious pizza lunch today. Mrs. Rhonda Youngblood got us donuts from Carter Burgers and Mr. Cory Jones brought us the cutest cookies from Sweet Evelyn’s in Perry. We appreciate all our meals and goodies so much! Thank you all!

Have a great night, stay safe tomorrow, and God bless,

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