April 16th Update

Good Afternoon,

Dooly Totals for today:

Positives:  64
Deaths: 4
Pending Results: 26

First and foremost, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for that very special parade. We were brought to tears. All those first responders should have been standing right beside us because you all are in this fight with us and we appreciate you all just as much. We were so honored and there are no words to express how grateful we are to be here in Dooly County with all of you. I may be from Cordele but I am proud to be a part of this community and to serve you all. I am so proud to lead the team that I have here at the Dooly County Health Department. They work tirelessly beside me daily with no fuss. They get things done. I have pushed them way outside of their comfort zone and they have continued to stand tall and keep pushing on. I mean…I have my Environmental Health guy out there testing with us. He will probably be so ready to go back to septic tanks, food service inspections, and dog bites! I know I have pushed all of you also and you all have answered to call every time. I appreciate that. I consider us all a team and as a team I know we will get through this and come out stronger than ever!!! And Sheriff Peavy is throwing all of us a BIG party afterwards….right Sheriff??? Just kidding….maybe.

Thank you to Ms. Berkima Williams, the Communities in Schools Site Coordinator for the Dooly County Board of Education, for our wonderful lunch today! We enjoyed it so much and appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity.  Most importantly we appreciate the support.

Thank you to Mrs. Lauren Pollock, with Pruitt Health Hospice, for the sign she placed on our lawn. We are so thankful and we are also calling you heroes as well. You all have an important role in caring for our most vulnerable population. Thank you for everything you do.

Back to COVID…Our numbers are still going up and I anticipate them to continue going up at least through next week. I fear our death rate will as well. It is so important to continue to do all the things we keep preaching:  Shelter in place, if you must go out in public wear a mask, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer frequently, sanitize your area and high traffic areas frequently, if you are sick stay home and call us because we will swab you, and use social distancing by standing 6 ft away from one another. Just know that there is glimmers of hope with flattening the curve beginning to be seen in areas so we can hold onto that hope that we will see that soon as well. I do think next week we will still be in the storm so don’t let your guard down.

Stay safe and know this too shall pass… God Bless,

Cyndi Mercer, RN

County Nurse Manager

Dooly County Health Department

204 West Union Street

Vienna, Ga. 31092

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