April 17th Update

Good Evening,
Dooly Positive Cases:  69
Total Deaths: 5
Pending: 20
Georgia Totals:
Positive:  17,432
Deaths: 668
We are starting to see a good bit of recovery from our positives which is very encouraging. I’m still expecting our numbers to increase in the next week so please don’t let your guard down. We must stay vigilant with our efforts to slow the spread.
We’d like to thank the Dooly County School system for our lunch today. They brought subway with pasta salad made by Mrs. Meredith Lester, and cookies made by Mrs. Ansley Scarborough. The meal was delivered by Mrs. Sharon Marcus and Mr. Earl Clark. We appreciate everything our school system is doing to support us and the children of this community. We are lucky to have such dedicated and passionate professionals leading our young people into bright futures.
The weather is supposed to get nasty this Sunday, which is my birthday, so I may not get to update you all. The internet at Lake Blackshear is horrible on a good day but non-existent on a bad weather day. I may just take a nap and listen to the storm…because the TV will go out as well. Please keep an eye out on the weather and stay safe. 
Thank you all for all that you do and know that we appreciate you so much. I see hope…..
God Bless,

Cyndi Mercer, RN

County Nurse Manager

Dooly County Health Department

204 West Union Street

Vienna, Ga. 31092

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